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I Use These

Just two days ago I delivered 1/3 of a lecture in a small interest group in our university. This special lecture is aiming to encourage members to recommend their beloved tools and things. But I didn't present any "life matters" on that lecture because of shortage of time. In this post I will have a short brief introduction of what I'm currently using.

Root Devices

Since most of my work rely on computers and digital devices, many tools I'm using are softwares or attachments, which require a "root device" to run on. Here is my root devices:

  • My main device is a 13-inch MacBook Pro (Early 2015) with a replaced thrid-party SSD (I can't afford an original one).
  • A customize PC with i7-7700K CPU, 16 GiB RAM and GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card. I usually schedule computation intensive tasks on it.
  • SONY a7RIII mirrorless camera with SONY FE 24-70mm ƒ/2.8 GM lens. I like taking photographs and filming cutaway shots.
  • I use an iPhone XS Max as my main phone and an iPhone 6S as my backup phone because I enjoy the variety of apps on iOS ecosystem.

Intangible Tools

This section lists intangible tools that I use very frequently.

Work and Self-Help

  • Graphics authoring: Sketch
  • Photo post-processing: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom Classic. Both of them are from the photography subscription.
  • Development: Visual Studio Code
  • Writing: Ulysses (for general writing), Typora (for writing involving simple math typesetting)
  • Information gaining: Reeder
  • Information management: DEVONthink (five-star recommendation)
  • Task management: 2Do (schedule my projects and tasks), Reminders on iOS (mostly for life routine memo)
  • Secrecy keeping: 1Password
  • Helpers: Macs Fan Control (help my poor latop extend its life), Timing (acquaint myself with how I work everyday), OneSwitch (a small tool helps me turn on/off settings quickly)


  • Music streaming service: Apple Music
  • Watching series and videos: Netflix, HBO and YouTube Premium (save my time from ads).
  • Games: I seldom play video games in the recent one year, but I have a Nintendo Switch with Nintendo member subscription. Dropping by the kingdom of Hyrule is one of my relaxations.

Tangible Objects

In the contrast of previous section, this secion lists my favorable objects that matters in my daily activities.

Digital Devices

  • AirPods: buy and you will fall in love with it
  • Incase City Compact: This is an endurable and versatile backpack. But the capacity is too limited. I plan to pick a larger one in next few months.
  • Logitech MX Master 2S: A very handy mouse for people holding multiple devices.
  • Dell P2415Q monitor: I bought it three years ago, because it is the cheapest monitor with 4K and 99% sRGB gamut. It does a great job.

Daily Matters

  • MUJI hand shredder: Helps me shatter papers carrying private information.
  • Well-designed mug cups at every workspace.

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