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Guidelines for Writing Blog Posts

I’ve been disappeared from this blog for over three months. I didn’t go into hibernation or get addicted to unproductive things. I’m just busy at various of works: papers, projects, PhD applications, college errands, etc. The good news is: I do have many great topics for new posts and some of them has been drafted. But, as you can see, none of them gets published.

I reflected on why this recur and summarized some points about how to produce more posts even if I’m averagely busy. I use the word “averagely” because there is some really extremely busy time.

  • Try narrower topics. A wide title is a stumbling block: it prevents me from expressing what I really think. For example, I used to adopt title like Data Flow in SwiftUI, however I didn’t have the insight and knowledge to complete this topic so far.
  • Keep simple and concise. Nobody (including myself) want to read useless words. Also, as non-native English user, I should focus on how to accurately express my ideas rather than rhetorical things. In a word: just discuss things that matter.
  • Outline first, then fill in details. Every time an idea strike me, I can't get into the flow right away. But I know what points should be mentioned. So I can just put them down in my notes and complete them later.
  • I don’t really need a topic. Writing two or three paragraphs about my recent life and knowledge can also form good posts. Sharing what you learn is the topic. I learned this from Tom MacWright’s blog.

I will practice these points from now.

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