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Gear Doesn't Matter

Gear doesn’t matter.

I've heard this quote hundred of times. Many people who is new to photography reckon that photography is similar to cooking with recipes. They think you can produce decent photos by just following a specific procedure. So using great gears will truly prove your image quality.

However, some inner quality is ignored. So far, although I have some great and expensive gear, many good photos that I’m proud of is done by my iPhone. In fact, in most situation audiences can’t differentiate them. Because the transmission media, such as compression algorithm, eliminate what the great gear brings to you.

But I’m not saying you can produce all kinds of photos with any gear — this is incorrect. I’m emphasizing an inner quality of more importance — your creativity. With creativity as guidance, gear become insignificant — it’s actually the way that helps you reach the target — even if in some circumstance you don’t have good gear, you can take another shortcut to your destination.

So don’t be a gear-head and practice your imagination.

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